From The Arena to The Cross (Testimony series)

Our first guest on the Testimony series at the Faith Fortress Warriors Blog is a native of of Texas and former bull rider Colton Chatham.


We heard his testimony on youtube and wanted to give him another opportunity to share his testimony directly with men who may be dealing with the same situations.


Do you ever wonder why God has you here?


Colton questioned God on why he was here but eventually discovered purpose, peace and the path to salvation through Jesus Christ. Enough from us, here are the words from the man himself.


Hey guys!,


So, I was raised in a Christian household but my family stepped away from their faith and became involved in drugs, and my father, well he wasn’t very nice man. In 2007 I was in a bull riding accident and my face was crushed requiring a multiday surgery. Growing up in the environment that I did and with this  horrible injury, I asked God "Why do you keep me around? ". Then 9 years later in 2016 God answered, when my sister and mom where both on dope and on their way to death.  I had a mission to help them get sober. You know, when you don’t think you have a reason to be around there’s always a way God is going to use you to save someone else by sharing truth and love. After losing my Grandmother and suffering a horrible heart break in the spring of 2020 I gave my life the Jesus Christ. Guys, always remember that God never leaves your side and He gives us our parents to show us His love and mercy as an example of Him.  Jesus loves you dearly and will never give up on you even when you think He should. He is going to lift you up and tell you to walk with your head high once you find humility at at cross. Y’all have a blessed day Jesus loves you my friends!


-Colton Chatham


Colton, thank you so much for being bold in sharing your testimony of Jesus Christ. We are excited to move a generation of men to grow closer to Jesus Christ as we #cancelatheism, #abolishhypocrisy & #livewhatwebelieve. Today is the day of salvation for some of our readers and I encourage each of you to join us by subscribing to our blog for frequent Biblical encouragement. 


When you see God move in other people's lives it brings God's Word to life. The biggest take aways I found from Coltons testimony is that we all have a purpose, that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us and that it is a broken heart that leads us to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ.


If Colton's testimony spoke to you, don't hesitate to share it with someone or better yet why not share it with everyone! 


God bless brothers!


Live Bold,



We would love to hear how God is working in your life!! If you have a testimony of how Jesus Changed your life please share it with us on our guest post page so that we can grow the largest community of men, no, the largest armament against the powers of darkness! We will be the light that infiltrates the wickedness of the world through the authority of Jesus Christ.


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