My Fortress is My God

My Fortress is My GOd
by Katy Curry

Can you see it? That great stone fortress? It is there, I just need to keep my eyes on Him, my mind and heart in His Word.

It is there. Can you see it? It is mighty and strong in the distance, the sun sparkles as diamonds on those great stones and I know once I reach it I will be safe from the harm and temptation, from the evil and pain of this world. I must keep striving! As I race, running with all my might; fear begins to leave. I look around and see I am flanked on either side with mighty soldiers! They are tall and mighty, they fight off the enemy and shout encouragement to me! A new strength flows through me, I am renewed!

As I reach the ramparts of the fortress I see so many others calling encouragement. The prayer warriors from all over. Their prayers send the soldiers, their prayers send encouragement and strength to my soul! As I stay true, even as I began to falter, they pray and pray on.

My God is my mighty fortress! He is my rest, my portion, my safety, my strength. I turn and see the horde of evil that pursued my beaten back by that army of God. The Lord is there, His arm about my shoulders.

"It is good you are here, loved one. Rest and refresh, regain your strength for soon you will once again join the good fight." His voice is gentle, His words are a comfort.

As I sink into the couch I find His Word sitting on a table next to me. Beside it one simple glass of water. I open the Bible, sip that wonderful, life giving water and I hear Him, in the distance.

"Give your burden to me, loved one. Take my burden for it is lighter and shared by many."

I slip off the couch into a deep rug and on my knees, confess my sin. In simple humility I share my joys and fears, My sins and my blessings. I share my sorrows, my hopes and my dreams. In that sweet hour of prayer, my rest from the world, I again begin to feel that overwhelming love. It is hard to realize how much He loves me, but He does. My breathe catches, it is so hard to breathe as I feel the intensity of His love. My soul leaps with joy!

I rise from the floor; the fortress falls away, my comrades are there, still fighting the good fight.
Refreshed and strengthened from my time in the safety of His love, I draw in a breath. Just before I plunge once again into the struggle again sin, the struggle against the evil one, I look up and utter a thank you.

"Thank you Lord, for loving one such as me. Thank you Lord, for believing in me and for loving me. "

Katy Curry
Kathy is a retired teacher in SW Florida who enjoys writing about politics, faith in Jesus Christ, and other topics as they seem timely.

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