About Us

Who we are:
We are a team of sinners that have been redeemed by the Blood, that desire to use all of our passion, skill, and efforts to reach people for Jesus Christ.
What we do:
Every 30 days we create a Bible Discovery Plan that is paired with a shirt design that equips you to live what you believe, abolish hypocrisy and share your faith like never before!
Faith Fortress Christian Apparel BIble Discovery Plan Tshirt and you
Our mission is simple:
We eradicate atheism through the abolition of hypocrisy one person at a time through undefiled Christian apparel that equips YOU to boldly live what you believe, share your faith and change the world.
 Our vision is clear:
We are leading the reformation of what it means to be a modern Christian by encouraging accountability and reverence with every believer through bold Christian T-shirts that equip you to be bold for Christ.


Meet our founder.