Meet Our Founder


After being homeless and spending nearly a decade in sinful self indulgence, Justin swore off his vices and set out to understand what led him to a life of moral and spiritual decay. He spent the following year meditating on Gods Word and mining his past to identify the root cause and so he could help others avoid the same fate.

Justin discovered that the root cause that vanished his faith was Christian hypocrisy. After returning to his belief  in Jesus, and putting off drugs, alcohol, and self seeking ambition, Justin's repentance shifted his focus to the atheism epidemic affecting more than 68,000,000 Americans. 

He knew that the only way to combat this plague was to help Christian's eliminate hypocrisy in their life so that non believers will see Jesus through lives of other believers and no longer be able to deny the power of God.

He assembled a team of designers, writers and community activist and founded Faith Fortress Apparel. Their mission was simple, to help Chistians abolish hypocrisy one person at a time through undefiled Christian clothing that equips you to share your faith and stand on the inerrant word of God.

It was time to show the world what being a Christian really means and reform the global view of modern Christianity by aligning ones life with Biblical doctrine and


Justin resides in rural North Carolina with his wife Ashley and two daughters.

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